Treatment with Extracting plants with Honey

Extracting plants with honey is done by one of three below methods:
1) Mixing honey with the plant itself: this method has lower effects for treatment and absorbed slowly
2)  Mixing honey with plant nectar without dehumidification: in this method, humidity will corrupt the Medicine from 24 to 48 hours and the medicine should be used less than 48 hours or kept in less than zero ° C. also in this method, high humidity will not defend us from 20% of side effects.
3) Extracting honey with plant nectar along with dehumidification:  dehumidification is done by two ways, first) the bee it’s self, second) bee simulator machine
First) the bee: extracting will be done as follows, mixing the plant nectar with honey and feeding it to the bees so extracting is done inside or outside the hive at the 37° C. in this method, main honey essences Evaporation is so low and harvesting is Variable between 10 to 100% of plant nectar and 100% of honey, depends on the plant type and for mixing plant nectar with honey, there are some limitations. Because using this kind of mix is not sure for bees all the time (depending on the plants type).
Also, in this process, the mixed honey with plants nectar that was involved with bee’s stomachs enzymes, will enter its stomach again and will be involved another time.
In this situation, we have double diastase honey with 10 to 100% of plants extract but there are two problems: first, lots of nectars won’t be used by bees and will be wasted and second, bees are afraid of using these nectars most of times.
Second) bee simulator machine
This machine can reduce the humidity of honey and plant nectar mix slowly at 37° C.
In this method, some of useful essences of plant will Evaporates but about 90%  of affective material will stay in the honey, and we can produce 110kg of extract from mixing 100kg of honey and 100kg plants nectar  and its drinkable and very useful for treatments and cures.
it should be noted that in both methods, the temperature more than 37° C  and boiling plants, not just reduce the plants use but even maybe cause some side effects and it will be harmful
It’s better to use organic Kurdistan honey  with Antibacterial properties and higher Plant diversity.

Chlorophyll Honey

For decreasing blood sugar, after one year experiment for mixing honey with mountain nettle essence(a kind of plant) from mountains of height 2800 meters between Qom and Kashan (2 Iranian cities) we made nettle honey. After examine it on 200 persons, we found out that this type of honey is useful for only 50% of patients and no effect on the other 50%. And also according to the garlic honey at the start that had close results to this experiment, we tried to make a cure for all diabetes patients.
With extracting the green Walnut shell and now the raw and small walnut 50% and ziziphus honey 50% with high fructose at 37° C or less in 30 days, we achieved an extract called Chlorophyll honey.
After testing it on 500 patients till now, no progress in children diabetes, and adults who use insulin or sugar-lowering pills, we discovered 3 kinds of effects.
It lowers the side effects of diabetes in all patients, and for some patients, it helps to reduce more the blood sugar along with the pills, and for some patients, they could leave their pills and replace the Chlorophyll honey, and for whom uses insulin, reducing insulin was obvious.

Using Chlorophyll  honey is as follows: half an hour before breakfast one tea spoon and as much as it affects, using insulin or pills must be reduced and if you  found a good result, add one tea spoon at night (empty stomach)

Pineapple Honey

One volume of honey with one volume of pineapple nectar by extracting gives 1.2 volume of pineapple honey
This type of honey is useful for healing broken bones and accelerates the healing of wounds and burns and also after surgery. Pineapple honey is a pleasant food serum that is used when the patient has been weakened and unable to move.
3 spoons of pineapple honey and a glass of water makes a fresh natural juice.
 Using method for above mentioned problems:
At morning fasting , one full spoon (empty stomach)
At night , one full spoon (empty stomach, at least 2 hours after eating anything)
This honey has no side effects but can be useful as a food serum, using 2 to 5 spoons while Hospitalization, absorbed in 20 minutes and shows its effects at first 10 days.

Oleaster Honey

Removing Fresh oleaster flowers from its branch and leafs, then embedding it in to the honey. Honeys humidity will increase from 14% to 19%. After heating honey with 25°c heat, humidity will go back at 14%. This cycle will be done several times so a high amount of flowers will be extracted into honey. Extracting 1 volume of oleaster flowers and 1 volume of honey give 1.1 volume of oleaster honey. The essence and the scent of oleaster is unstable and the heat of Evaporator shouldn’t be more than 25°c.
Oleaster honey is perfect for Regulating of women’s estrogen hormone. women’s hormones disorder cause several problems like headache during the menstruation , ache in front or back of the head, Migraine, lack of sleep and modes like who has anemia, and sometimes menstruation stops and also decreasing female hormones and increasing male hormones cause problems like unwanted hair in face and a change in voice.
Experiment on 100 woman shows that most of them are cured from migraine and irregular menstruation stop and in some cases, hormones level has fixed and unwanted hair and manly voice change were gone completely. Eating one to 2 full tablespoon as sucking along Kurdistan honey is very useful. This honey will be absorbed in 20 minutes through mouth, Esophagus and maybe stomach, enters the blood and shows it effects after a few days. Using some honey pollen with above mentioned products is necessary sometimes.
Using oleaster honey in 20 to 40 days continually can kill Gynecological infections

Ginger Honey

1 volume of honey and one volume of fresh ginger nectar by extracting gives about 1.2 volume of ginger honey
Ginger honey works like antibiotics and kills infections. With hot and dry nature. Heals the sour throat very fast. Sometimes, some bodies show no reaction to the chemical antibiotics. At this point, ginger honey can be a replace because it has some special antibiotics.  As you know, antibiotics have almost a hot nature and using barberries honey 5 to 10 minutes after ginger honey can reduce the hotness (humorism system) of ginger honey without ant bother.
This type of honey works as ranitidine and Omeperazole pills and other drugs for tympanites, reduces stomach acid in a long term.
This type of honey has no side effects and effects in blood after 20 minutes.
And who can’t use hot nature foods continually, should use some barberries honey with it.
 It should be mentioned that for sour throat, every 6 or 8 hours, ginger honey should be eaten(as sucking), a dessertspoon and for tympanites, at morning fasting and night(empty stomach), one dessertspoon. And if it happens during the day at a certain time, 10 minutes before or after the meal or when it happens and the person feels pain, they can use one dessertspoon of ginger honey.

For explanation, ginger honey reduces stomach acid and if it doesn’t work completely, for complete treatment, Hakim D honey and Kurdistan honey should be used along ginger honey and for six month, they should follow the method that is explained at digestion part.

Barberries Honey

1 volume of honey with 1 volume of fresh black barberries nectar by extracting gives 1.3 volume of barberries honey.
The nature of barberries honey is cold and wet, useful for liver fat and abnormal secreted liver enzymes and also irregular function. Useful for decreasing blood pressure caused by liver problems. Also it’s recommended for oral ulcers and skin allergies caused by liver problems. Barberries honey helps cleaning up the blood and decreasing blood fat.
It’s very useful For those who their gall doesn’t work well or removed.
Using one full tablespoon at morning fasting (empty stomach) and night ( empty stomach) is necessary for the above mentioned problems  and for skin problems, using wheat germ cream and  barberries honey on the skin , daily 2 to 3 hours is necessary .(only cream for dry skins and both for  normal skins, only cream for damaged skins)
A 40 day experiment, shows that the fat around the liver is gone and secreting liver enzymes is much less according to the first day. And for allergies, using barberries honey with a diet plan shows Significant changes.
Using barberries honey for a long time, fixes the abnormal blood pressure and it affects more on the pressure of returning blood to the heart. Also helps the problems caused by drugs that affect on liver.

For skin allergies and oral ulcers, applying barberries honey on the spot, one time every 20 minutes for the first day, and one time every hour for the second day and one time every 3 hours for the next days, is the best way to treat this problem. Also do not forget eating barberries honey along applying it.
eating barberries honey after ginger honey is good for decreasing the hotness(humorism system) of ginger honey.(eating barberries honey after ginger honey is recommended)
This honey has no side effects but who has low blood pressure should be careful while eating it. And In case of high drop of blood pressure, eat it less and along with ginger honey.

Cedar (ziziphus) Honey

Organic honey of ziziphus tree from tropical area .  This tree is flowering twice a year and lives in the warm and dry mountains up to 55 centigrade degrees . its flowering is more in autumn and has a very soft nectar that is used by bees in the 7th month of year (solar calendar)  . bees collect them in the hive and after centrifuging them with their wax , we see it as a while foam and after a few weeks in natural temperature , the color will orients to Amethystine . ziziphus honey will orients to dark red after a year and it becomes darker every year  and after 3 years it will be Reddish-black.
This type of honey will not granulate after four years or more in different temperatures of cold climates and even if it granulates , it will be half granulate like ghee and melts fast with a little heat .
Producing organic ziziphus honey is as follows : after evacuating kurdistans honey completely , and giving the extract of  thyme to the apiary for varroa destructor disease  , hives will be settled at place and use only and only ziziphus trees nectar  .

Produced honey is low humidity, low Calorie with cold nature and higher fructose than other types of honey. also ,  when this tree is flowering , no other trees are flowering , so this honey , plus being organic  in production , also is a “one flower “ organic production .  
Produced honey is the best type honey for children under a year of age and breastfeeding mothers and pregnant mothers , because this honey is useful for jaundice of newborn babies and also  allergies , heart and includes more fructose so it can be used by diabetics one to two spoons singly a day .
Two types of above mentioned honey , three stars Kurdistan organic honey and three stares ziziphus organic honey , are produced from tropical and cold climates of Iran and It is recommended for patients.

Kurdistan Honey

Organic honey from cold Kurdistan mountains that called Kurdistan organic honey
Before bringing bees to this area, we deplete it from winter feeding and we use thyme extract as a drug for (Varroa destructor) and we choose bees from apiaries from north Iran and Citrus orchards.
Also , we leave citrus honey in every colony as much as its needed for second month of the year (solar Hijri calendar) and  spawning eggs  so all citrus products will be used or feeding empty apiaries with healthy mountain honey with Sucrose under 4%  , because bees need lots of food in this season for reproduction
At this moment , colonies of north Iran jungles is being used that can collect honey and use it in the first month of the year (spawning eggs)
 after spending first month and beginning of the second month , bees are settled in Kurdistan area on a place that has no hand planting about 5 kilometers  around  

it should be noted that bringing honey pollens in second and third month (solar hijri) is so important for creating specific enzymes in bees stomach .

the presence of anemone flowers and in high value and also wild flowers of cold climate , gives us a miracle nectar.
Also, if bees settle   in a way that can involve some of Kurdistan’s forests, it causes Diversification of apiaries usage.  

The best way of using this honey for cure is one spoon in the morning (empty stomach)
The color of this honey is yellow oriented to red and sometimes light red that after six month will granulates and its granulate is soft and like Ghee. Using it, is more useful for kidney and digestion problems.
This produced honey is useful for Rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, anemia, kidney, bladder, migraine, nervous, digestive problems, Body infectious problems, Internal gastrointestinal ulcers, Hemorrhoid and even Wounds and burns ,lean and obese, Diarrhea or constipation, Diabetes and sexual power and generally is miracle and cure  for all kind of deceases for including different medical plants nectars , from mountains and forests .
This honey can be used instead of aspirin for Dilution of blood, 2 to 4 full spoon everyday

Herbal Extraction with Honey

Honey is Non-Corruption , Antimicrobial and includes glucose and simple fructose and absorbed with plants extract from mouth , merry , stomach and intestines quickly in 20 minutes  
  This gods  miracle remedial medicine  is without any side effects and useful for treatments

The result of 20 years of continuous work in extraction, is two types of organic honey from two species of tropical and cold climates ,with eight kinds of  miracle products ,that took each  of them , two years or more research and clinical trials, and produced  four combination of four main bee products, as well as four types of organic healing ointment and washing cleansing 1-2-3 and healing and inflammation of the joints for the treatment of wounds and burns , and a drop of honey . total of 20 types of product is intended to cure more diseases

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